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THRIFT STORE DISCOUNT second-hand clothing it’s on everyone’s budget.  The majority of people look for the best discounts before buying.  Also with our national economy many of us have had to adjust our budgets and reduce costs.  To reduce these costs on clothing, which is every human necessity, many of us have chosen to buy on thrift stores.  There, we can find clothing that already includes a big discount and you can be certain that all garments will have low prices.  The price does not determine if the quality of the clothing is good.

The quality of semi-new clothing has been checked up and verified before being exposed to the buyers.  Therefore it is very important that when you buy your new garments at second-hand clothing stores you feel safe and comfortable that your new clothing is in great conditions.

On THRIFT STORE DISCOUNT you will be able to find recognized Brand name clothing, which most of the time are made with the best quality fabrics.  This does not mean that you should only limit your shopping to brand name clothing since, you will be able to identify by bare eye the quality of other garments like linen fabrics, high quality cotton, silk etc…  Since all garments are verified before being put on the store we can guarantee that you will find quality clothing to satisfy all buyer’s needs.

We know that it is very important for our customers to feel safe about the hygiene of our clothing, which is why we want to let you know that the Health Sector dismissed that the use of any second-hand clothing sold in the U.S. could cause any skin problems.  The clothing, even though it has been used before, it cannot be contaminated by bacteria since it has gone through various disinfecting processes while being washed.  It is guaranteed that clothes are in clean conditions and can be worn with no worries.  However it is recommended for all new or used clothes to be washed before wearing.

Buying on THRIFT STORE DISCOUNT semi-new clothing you will take home the full combo, by helping your economy and guarantying quality and hygiene.

The process on how second-hand clothing is obtained

So many heroic acts of charity can be made on a daily basis throughout the most modest occupations. -Saint Therese


Not many of us take the time to investigate where the things we buy come from, for example, our clothing.  I believe that the process of how THRIFT STORE DISCOUNT second-hand clothes are obtained is very interesting, let me tell you that it is a real charity chain of support.  Going back to the quote found at the beginning of this article; throughout the day we do small acts of kindness and probably do not even realize it.  Buying semi-new clothes is the last step of a charity process. Read more

Recycle and DIY

Recycling not only benefits the ecosystem, it benefits our economy.

According to the United Nations, 70 million tons of clothes are consumed each year worldwide.  For example to be able to make a pair of denim jeans 793 gallons of water are spent, since the cultivation of cotton requires a lot of water.  70 to 100 million trees are logged each year for fabric and rubber.  If placed end-to-end, those trees would circle the earth 7 times.  Recycling clothes should be a necessity as we are contributing to the improvement of the environment.  Read more

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