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Recycle and DIY

Recycling not only benefits the ecosystem, it benefits our economy.

According to the United Nations, 70 million tons of clothes are consumed each year worldwide.  For example to be able to make a pair of denim jeans 793 gallons of water are spent, since the cultivation of cotton requires a lot of water.  70 to 100 million trees are logged each year for fabric and rubber.  If placed end-to-end, those trees would circle the earth 7 times.  Recycling clothes should be a necessity as we are contributing to the improvement of the environment. 

We do not intend to tell you that there is something wrong on buying brand new clothes, we only want to show you that it might be fun to recycle and reuse semi-new clothes to create the look you’re looking for.  That way you help your pocket and the environment.

The term “Do It Yourself” (DIY) is the ability to fix things yourself, so that way you get what you want by saving money, is a fun method, using your own imagination, learning and discovering skills that you probably didn’t know you had.  It is a form of auto production, a way to create and reuse materials that are accessible to you.  We see the term “Do It Yourself” everywhere, tutorials on video and on different social networks encourage us to start creating our own “Do It Yourself” projects.  Im pretty sure you have seen that majority of women can be hours upon hours browsing the category DIY on Pinterest imagining which garments they will remodel.


THRIFT STORE DISCOUNT semi-new clothing stores are the best option to start recycling and applying the new trend of Do it yourself.”  In these stores of semi-new clothing you will find vintage trends that can be modify to new fashionable clothes at affordable prices. Don’t worry if some of the clothes you see don’t fit your current fashion trends, imagine how amazing your new recycled creations will turn out to be.

Follow our advice on how to transform THRIFT STORE DISCOUNT clothing on to clothes that will reflect the latest fashion trends.


We give you some tips to start your new DIY projects:


1.Do not focus on clothing size, there is always a way to modify them to fit your needs.

2.Use your imagination and choose fabrics that will always be on trend for example, stripes, polka dots, animal prints and flowers, with these you can create from a new costume clothing design up to a new and modern cushion cover.

3.Do not worry if the garment is slightly discolored, remember you can always dye clothing to revive colors.

4.Don’t forget that you can add your personal touch by changing buttons or redoing necklines.

5.Don’t limit yourself to a season for example, you can always convert a long sleeve to a short sleeve or pants into shorts.


With these Tips in mind we look forward to your visit to THRIFT STORE DISCOUNT.