September 29, 2015 admin

The process on how second-hand clothing is obtained

So many heroic acts of charity can be made on a daily basis throughout the most modest occupations. -Saint Therese


Not many of us take the time to investigate where the things we buy come from, for example, our clothing.  I believe that the process of how THRIFT STORE DISCOUNT second-hand clothes are obtained is very interesting, let me tell you that it is a real charity chain of support.  Going back to the quote found at the beginning of this article; throughout the day we do small acts of kindness and probably do not even realize it.  Buying semi-new clothes is the last step of a charity process.


Many of us donate clothes to a numerous of charitable foundations, clothing that we no longer use and is in perfect conditions.  These charitable foundations are dedicated to help the less fortunate.  This is the first step in which we take part of the charity chain of support, in which many of us did not know we participated in.

When we donate our clothes into clothing donation drop off bins, clothing is inspected and sent to warehouses dedicated to storing clothes that are in good condition into wholesale bundles.  These are sold to THRIFT STORE DISCOUNT second-hand clothing stores and that is where we all contribute the most.  As we buy low cost semi-new clothing we are helping charitable organizations raise funds and contributing to the continuity of their cause.  By buying we are helping in the process of charity and the increase of help given to the ones in need.


I love the idea that what most people see as a business of wholesale trade can be transformed to the beginning and end of a true charitable chain of support.